Other Carvings

Log cat carving
Chainsaw carved dog
Bald Eagle Chainsaw Log Carving
Log frog carved with a chainsaw
Chainsaw carved log garden gnome
Chainsaw carving bass fish from a log
A log duck carved for a customer. He will paint it himself.
Chainsaw carved log sasquatch
Chainsaw carved log deer
Chainsaw carved log moose

Chainsaw carved log chicken

Pheasant Log Chainsaw Carving
Chainsaw carved log pumpkins
Chainsaw carved log tree
Chainsaw carved log penguin

5 thoughts on “Other Carvings

  1. Really enjoyed looking at all your bear photos as I have been trying to think of a good use for some big logs I have laying around and I think I will give the bear a go with the Stihl. Thanks

    1. I am glad that it inspired you.
      I can scan and e-mail you some visual directions I have if it would help. I would also check out the book I have listed on the my bear page.

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