Progress on some skinning knives

Here are a couple of skinning/utility knives I’m almost done with. You can see how it came from a rusty lawn mower blade and needed some work. I’m using some cherry wood for the handle and it cleans up nicely with the boiled linseed oil and the buffing wheel. The last picture shows one complete (with my new brand logo burnt into it) and what the “almost finished” product looks like. After a lot of rough and fine sanding, the boiled linseed oil, buffer and logo, it’ll look just like the top one.

4 thoughts on “Progress on some skinning knives

  1. That caught my eye as well. very cool, but I think he’s asking the same thing I was wondering. Did you just burn it in afterwards with like a soldering iron or something? Or do you actually have a metal brand that you made that you can use over and over?

    1. I just posted some new pictures last night. This shows a copper branding “iron” I made that I just need to heat up and burn over and over again.

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