Hammer’n at the Cabin

Bringing the heat
Heating up the steel
Putting the hammer down
This used to be the words ugliest twist. Now that it's flattened, after some grinding, this make a prett sweet knife.
The end results: flattened the top one as it was from a twisty lawn mower blade (all were from the same lawn mower blade), I flattened the nasty twist and tried to put an edge on it on the second from top, created and flattened another twist on the third from top and purposley curved the bottom one to make into a skinner/caping knife for a taxidermist.

We packed up the anvil and forge and headed up the the cabin “Gods Country” for some R&R, beer and forging!

This is my first attempt at being a blacksmith (something I’ve always wanted to do) and things turned out all right.  One thing is certain, I have a new appreciation for blacksmiths as that hammer wears your arm out very fast.

I think after much grinding and sanding, I’ll have some pretty cool looking knives.

I’ll keep them posted as I go.

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