Beeswax on leather sheaths

I recently read how treating your leather sheaths can help stiffen them up and make them water resistant. I found a beeswax disc and did some experimenting with the middle black sheath. I found this to be easy to apply and soak into the leather when I used the heat gun. I am very excited to use this on future sheaths. FYI, the black sheath on the left is drying after being wet formed to the shape of the knife. The knife is wrapped in tin foil and vaseline to keep it from rusting while doing this. That is why there is a metal shiny thing sticking out of the top of the sheath.

One thought on “Beeswax on leather sheaths

  1. Hey, that’s a great idea. I’ve seen something like this mentioned a time or two but have never tried it. I tend to stick to Neatsfoot oil and OBENAUF’S leather oil because I like soft leather that is easy to work and gives a bit when used. I did, however, end up with a pouch for a spoon knife that was rock hard. That was only because I left it over the heat source to long after wet-forming it and it shriveled up. However, I would say it’s about stab proof now, it just looks pretty funky. Can’t wait to see how the wax works!

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