Shop air filtrations device

It may not be pretty, but here is my air filtration device I built. This is basically a box with a furnace blower inside of it with furnace filters on the opposite side. This blows the dust away from me as I am working and the filters clean the air as it cycles througout the shop. I am very happy to have this addition to my shop!













Here is the furnace filter side; I've used two filters. I have a blue $.99 one as a pre filter to catch the larger particles and a better 3M filter after that to catch the smaller stuff. This isn't perfect as many professional models capture particles down to 5 micron, but his will improve my enviroment greatly.

2 thoughts on “Shop air filtrations device

  1. Great idea Jason! How well does it work? I need to do something to keep dust down in my shop. I was thinking of a dust collection system, but your setup would be much cheaper.

    1. Tony,
      I don’t have much experience around a store bought version, but I have been very happy with this. My wood lathe is in the direction of the air flow, so it blows a lot of the dust away as I make it. The other end filters the dust and I like the concept of clean air. I still use a dust mask when sanding a knife blade or wood turning projects, but this puts my mind at ease. I am nervous about the effects of the fine dust particles in my lungs adding up over time. I do know that the store bought version will filter down to a finer particulate than this, but I’ll take what I can get. I spent $40 or so on this as I had the wood and a freind gave me the blower. I think a dust collection system would still be very nice for the big stuff and then use this to capture the fine dust floating around. They make some good adapters for a shop vac if you are looking for a way to capture a lot of the large shavings and dust on the cheap.

      By the way, you make some really nice knives!

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