Reverse Bowl Jig

My intial way to finish the bottom of a bowl was using this disk I made. It is made of MDF glued to a tapped maple block (to thread onto the lathe) and I glued a computer mouse pad to it for cusion and grip. This works pretty well, but I would like more access to the bottom and this version leaves a little nub that needs to hand chiseled and sanded.













This is the upgrade I made to this disk. I have a "donut" bolted to the original piece with padding to have full access to the bottom of the bowl. It works very well.












Here is another view of the jig.











Here are the parts involved. The original disk I mentioned, some 1/4" bolts and nuts, a MDF "donut" and some rubber hose pieces so the MDF doesn't damage the bowl. I may change it to once continuous hose piece or glue another mouse pad to the inside. We will see; everything in my shop is an experiment.

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