Ever wonder why log furniture costs so much?

I always thought log furniture seemed expensive. So, I set off to build some for the cabin. Now I know why it costs as much as it does. You don’t just go buy some two by material from Home Depot. I had to harvest the logs, get them home and peel them. Here is one pile of bark shavings. I don’t know how many hours I have into this so far and I don’t really want to know. Mind you, I’ve done all of this work just to get these to the drying stage…. I haven’t even built any furniture yet!

More bark shavings…

Here are about half the logs drying…

Here are the rest of the logs peeled. I don’t know how long they will need to dry, but I am guessing about a year. I doubt I will be patient enough to wait that long.

One thought on “Ever wonder why log furniture costs so much?

  1. This looks like quite the project you got yourself into…. Yikes!!!! What’s the goal project?

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